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Deep Well Pump

GC-DW 1045 N

Item number: 4170955
Ident number: 21021
Brand: Einhell Classic



  • Robust pressure connector with brass insert
  • Pump housing made of rust-proof high-grade steel
  • Multi-stage pump wheels for high delivery pressure
  • With integrated non-return valve
  • High-quality mechanical seal for a long service life
  • Stainless dirt screen
  • Overload switch
  • Easily reachable hose connection on the pump's topside
  • 2 suspension eyelets
  • 22 m lowering rope


Mains supply
220-240 V | 50 Hz
1000 W
Max. delivery capacity
6500 L/h
Max. delivery height
45 m
Max. immersion depth
19 m
Max. water temperature
35 °C
Hose connection
42mm (G11/4 IG)
Power cord
22 m | H07RN-F
Pump diameter
99 mm


How high should the water be pumped?
45 m
How much litres of water would you like to delivery an hour?
6500 L/h
How deep should the pump immersion in the water?
19 m


730 mm
160 mm
235 mm
Gross weight single packaging
12.9 kg
Product weight
8.75 kg

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