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Pump Accessory

Saugschlauch 7 m Messing

Articlenumber: 4173640
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Brand: Einhell Accessory
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A dimensionally stable suction hose for working with service water: The Einhell suction hose is a stable suction hose with a diameter of 25 millimetres (1 inch) and a length of 7 metres. Thanks to a 42 mm (1 ¼ inch) connection with internal thread, an adapter piece with internal thread 33.3 mm (1 inch) and an enclosed brass threaded nipple with outer thread 33.3 mm (1 inch), the Einhell suction hose is suitable for garden pumps as well as domestic waterworks or domestic water dispensers. The transparent fabric hose with steel wire is extremely stable and is therefore ideal for use with service water. The suction hose set includes an adapter piece with an internal thread of 33.3 mm (1 inch) and a brass threaded nipple with an outer thread of 33.3 mm (1 inch). In addition, the set contains a brass suction basket with integrated non-return valve made of fine-meshed stainless steel.



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