Jigsaw blades
Jig saw blade, wood processing, HCS carbon steel Item number 49623520
Drill sets
Masonry drill sets, 5 and 8 pcs. Item number 49039500
Cutt. disc for angle grinders
Extra thin cut disc 125x1,2 Item number 49724550
F-clamps and quick action clam
Plastic spring clamps, 22 pcs. Item number 49928290
Drills diverse
3pcs. Drillbit cassette set Item number 49109157
BITS and SOCKETS, Bit box 17-pieces Item number 49118900
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 200x32x25mm G60 Item number 49507765
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 150x12,7x20mmG36 Item number 49507535
Glue sticks
24 glue sticks 11x150 mm Item number 49539355
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 150x12,7x20mmG60 Item number 49507565
Tool pouches
Holder for cordless screwdriver Item number 49906210
Tool case sets
Werkzeugkoffer, 129-tlg. Item number 49370780
Tool pouches
Knife Pouch Item number 49907110
Tool pouches
Tool holster with Nylon belt Item number 49906610
Tool pouches
Tool holster, 1 piece, with Nylon belt Item number 49907710
Circular Saw Blade TCT
TCT Thin saw-blade 210x30 T40 Item number 49587852
Bit set with flexible shaft, 11 pcs. Item number 49113990
Bitholder Quick Change
QUICK FLIP bitholder, 6 pcs. Item number 49100900

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