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Use our warranty service and return your product easy and free.

Warranty Service

You would like to take advantage of the statutory warranty, then you should use the iSC Warranty Service. We organize the transport of the product and take care of the resulting costs. Whether the transport is carried out as an online return or pickup return, the Warranty Service will decide in each case individually.

The Warranty Service can be invoked only if the statutory provisions of liability for defects are met.

Damage to the product caused by abuse or improper use (such as overloading of the device), penetration of foreign bodies into the device (e.g. sand, stones or dust), use of force or external influences, are not part of the warranty.


If the Warranty Service was used by mistake or we detect during the device testing that no legal warranty exists, then we reserve the right to charge back the closing costs, the inspection costs and the return shipment costs. In this case our service team will inform you and you decide the procedure. A change to our Repair Service with cost estimate is possible at any time.

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