Sanding belts
Sanding Belt Set 5pcs.50x686mm Item number 49910805
Circular Saw Blade TCT
TCT Thin saw-blade 210x30 T64 Item number 49587862
Reciprocating saw blades
Item number 49576003
Multi-function tools
Multitool Set Wo, Me, Ku 17pcs Item number 49708950
Reciprocating saw blades
Sabersaw-bl. set 3pc W/M Batt Item number 49576105
Tool pouches
Tool holster Item number 49909610
Sanding paper discs
Sanding mesh set D225mm 5pcs. Item number 49491006
Reciprocating saw blades
Reciprocating saw blades for wood, high carbon steel Item number 49576600
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 150x12,7x16mmG36 Item number 49507435
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 150x32x16mmG60 Item number 49507465
Cutting discs
Diamond.Cutt.Dsic 200x25,4mm Item number 49795855
Sanding paper discs
Q-STICK Grind.disc D125 25pcs. Item number 49491974
Drill bit set
39pcs HSS drill bits set L-Box Item number 49108956
MOST wanted BITS, Bit box 32-pieces Item number 49118800
Grinding wheels
Grinding disc 75x10x20mm G120 Item number 49507125
Circular Saw Blade TCT
TCT circ saw blade 254x30 T60 Item number 49589561
Building moisture meters
Damp meter for wood and building materials Item number 49012100
Circular Saw Blade TCT
TCT circ saw blade 210x30 T48 Item number 49587861

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