E-Box M55/40

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E-Box M55/40

Articlenumber: 4530049
EAN - number: 4006825631739
Brand: Einhell Accessory
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The Einhell M55 E-Box keeps everything neat and tidy and provides mobility. Always ready to hand, always well-arranged, the E-Box M55 is a case which has been specially designed for the general purpose storage of tools and accessories. It makes the stress of searching for tools and their accessories a thing of the past. Everything is stowed away neatly, tidily and ready to hand, and can be easily transported to wherever it is needed. This is ensured by the ergonomic handle, for comfortable carrying. The case has a maximum load capacity of 30 kilograms. Thanks to the splash-proof design, the contents are always safely protected regardless of whether they are in the workshed, the car boot or on site. Also, the soft foam inner lining guarantees no scratches during transportation. This also ensures that Einhell tools are protected - for a long service life for the tools.


Facts, figures and information for Case E-Box M55/40: here you will find detailed technical data, as well as specific information on dimensions, weight and packaging of this iSC product.

Technical info

Inside dimensions 327 mm x 510 mm x 124 mm
Outside dimensions 400 mm x 550 mm x 150 mm
Max. payload 30 kg



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