Power X-Car Charger 3A

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Power X-Car Charger 3A

Articlenumber: 4512113
EAN - number: 4006825655377
Brand: Einhell Accessory
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With the Einhell Power X-Car Charger 3A, all batteries of the Power X-Change system series can be charged quickly. One battery for all devices: Power X-Change batteries can be used in all craft and garden tools of the powerful Einhell system series. The chargers in the range can be used universally for all PXC batteries. The advantages for customers are clear: with one battery and one charger for all devices, you not only save considerable costs on the purchase, its universal nature protects the environment and also offers flexibility in the home and garden. There is also no mess and chaos with a wide variety of chargers for each individual device. The independence from the socket through the 12V plug enables the charging of all Power X-Change batteries in the car or caravan, for example, during camping, in the forest or on the beach. The existing 2-stage protection electronics for the car battery ensure that the car can be started at any time via indicator lights. With the help of the hanging loops, the charger can be easily mounted on the wall and requires little space. The 3A fast charging technology makes charging times even shorter, and the battery is constantly monitored by the smart charging management system for optimal charging and top safety. Thanks to the refresh mode, it is possible to reactivate deeply discharged batteries. All current information is provided via the 7-stage LED status indicator.


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Technical info

Output voltage 18 V
Output current 3000 mA



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