Line spool f. GE-CT 36/30 Li E

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Lawn Trimmer Accessory

Line spool f. GE-CT 36/30 Li E

Articlenumber: 3405096
EAN - number: 4006825632767
Brand: Einhell Accessory
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The Original Einhell replacement thread spool is an accessory and spare part for various lawn trimmers and scythes from Einhell. The thread spool is especially suitable for the Einhell cordless lawn trimmers GE-CT 18/33 Li E, GP-CT 36/35 Li BL, GE-CT 36/30 Li E. It can also be used with the Einhell cordless scythes AGILLO, AGILLO 36/255 BL and AGILLO 18/200. The spare thread spool is equipped with a robust nylon thread. The thread is 8 metres long and has a diameter of 2 mm. For the optimal thread length, the nylon thread is reliably fed by the automatic jogging mechanism. In this way, tall grasses, weeds and lawns are efficiently shortened and cut.



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